Discover the new Wonderment collection in London


Discover Kathryn Thomas at the Royal Opera Arcade GalleryIf you count yourself as a true art aficionado, one thing is certain – that no art collection would ever be complete without the stunning works of Kathryn Thomas. From violent Singapore thunderstorms to hazy horizons, her paintings showcase an eclectic range of themes and a vibrant array of colours. With her latest work, Kathryn has developed further her focus on an area that she holds close to her heart – astronomy.

Appearing at The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery from Sunday 26th  November to Saturday 2nd December, you’ll discover something that will make you stare in wonderment. The Wonderment paintings by Kathryn Thomas capture the realism and stark beauty of astronomical phenomena such as galaxies, planets and even the northern lights.

In many ways, her Wonderment paintings can be described as spiritual successors to the groundbreaking ‘Nightlight’ collection. It was this collection that first demonstrated Kathryn’s passion and fascination of the unknown. Kathryn’s journey of discovery has led her to a greater understanding of celestial bodies. The result is a deeply refined technique that combines elements of her previous work to create these truly unique and original oil paintings.

The Wonderment paintings will be released as they are produced rather than as a collection. But you can get an exclusive preview as the first of her paintings are unveiled at The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery.

Introducing the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in London


The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in London is a venue that is steeped in history and prestige – the perfect place to showcase the work of a talented artist such as Kathryn Thomas. Opened in 1818, the gallery has seen much in the way of high-end clientele and has hosted many auctions, events and exhibitions. This makes it ideal for those seeking exceptional artwork such as Kathryn’s original oil paintings.

You’ll find The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery situated in the London Arts and Cultural Centre at the entrance to one of the oldest arcades in London. Within convenient reach of various music and wine shops, why not experience Kathryn’s original Wonderment oil paintings and make a day of it?

Book a private viewing at Kathryn’s Poole StudioDiscover Kathryn Thomas at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery

Visiting The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery is an experience that no art enthusiast should miss out on. But what if you’re unable to attend? The good news is that you can still experience Kathryn’s Wonderment paintings as well as the rest of her original oil paintings at her Studio in Poole. Located near to Poole Quay, The Studio is where all the magic happens, and where you will find the full works of this extraordinary artist.

The Studio consists of four rooms, each featuring directional lighting that showcases the true spectacle of Kathryn’s work. You’ll enjoy a unique experience that is both evocative and uplifting. As well as her Wonderment paintings, you will also discover the following collections:

So if you’re interested in a private viewing, simply get in touch with Kathryn Thomas today to arrange this at a time that is convenient.

About the artist


Kathryn Thomas has achieved much over the last 30+ years. She graduated from the University of West of England and was awarded grants from not one but two prestigious institutions – The Prince’s Trust and the Pollack-Krasner Foundation. This time spent has allowed her to hone her talents and discover new fascinations to explore.

From galaxies and nebulas to the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, each of her original oil paintings is an expression of Kathryn’s passion and dedication to her craft. She is one of only a few artists to sell their entire graduation portfolio and has been credited as having brought colour and character to all of Dorset.

To quote Nick and Frances Scott Ram, owners of one of Kathryn’s oil paintings and members of the Kathryn Thomas Community – “Apart from the stunning visual beauty captured in her paintings, there is a sense of grace and spirit that opens the heart to a world within. Kathryn’s ability to capture the essence of the subject matter whether it be light, fire or ice, the stars, or the Northern Lights, offers a deeper level of reality and lived experience that is second to none.” It is this wonderment that sits at the heart of Kathryn’s latest work which you can discover for yourself at The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, Sunday 26th November to Saturday 2nd December!

Alternatively, if you would like to request a private viewing, you can do so by calling Kathryn Thomas on 07971 057246. Or, to speak with Kathryn’s Business Manager, Andy Madden, call 07966 506841.


Written by Nathan Slatford