Kathryn is a graduate of the University of West of England (formerly Bristol Polytechnic) and is a member of an elite club of student artists to have sold their entire graduation portfolio! Her immediate post graduation years were aided by a grant from the Princes Trust and this enabled her to build a life dedicated to her art.

Kathryn’s career shows a number of key phases in the development from her original and popular images of horizons through her subsequent fascination with fire, ice and the aurora borealis to her captivating ‘starscapes’.


For a resume and further information on Kathryn’s career please click here. And for a brief view of Kathryn at work behind the Studio door, take a look at the ‘Film’ page of the website.


In 2014, Kathryn was invited to feature in ITVs, ‘Harbour Lives’, a series which followed Ben Fogle on a journey through Dorset meeting the people responsible for bringing character and colour to an already beautiful part of the country. You can relive the tour of the Studio which Kathryn gave Ben by clicking here.