The Wonderment Jewellery Collection

The Wonderment Jewellery Collection

It is with great excitement that I am introducing to you a second Wonderment Collection! This one is a collaboration with Very Colourful Jewellery and the designer Miranda Peckitt who has taken inspiration from my original oil paintings to create a bespoke collection. Whilst my newest painting collection ‘Wonderment’ shows significant development in techniques, particularly in my mark making it borrows elements from the ‘Kaleidoscopic’ and ‘Contemplation’ painting collections too. This aligns perfectly with the techniques Miranda uses on her anodised aluminium and the quest for her own beautiful wearable art.

‘Particle’ earrings inspired by the Wonderment Collection

‘Particle’ earrings inspired by the Wonderment Collection

Symphony’ cuffs inspired by the new Wonderment Painting Collection

‘Symphony’ cuffs inspired by the new Wonderment Painting Collection

Kaleidoscopic’ Medium and Large cuffs with titles

‘Kaleidoscopic’ Medium and Large cuffs with titles inspired by the Kaleidoscopic Collection

Miranda says:

“VCJ pieces are noted for their painterly nature and visible brushstrokes so every piece keeps them united as a brand and it’s philosophy; unique – stylish – wearable art. Our Wonderment Collection is a response to Kathryns’ powerful and commanding artworks, which have a depth and iridescence that is truly remarkable and must be seen in the “flesh” rather than on a screen.

These limited edition pieces are interpretations of Kathryn’s work and I’ve tried to capture the soft blurred lines of the Daylight collection that lead in to the reflective and thought provoking colours of the Contemplation collection, contrasting to the other-wordly interstellar nature of the Nightlight collection, and the colossal burst of colour in the Kaleidoscopic collection.”

When the truth is’ Large ring, inspired by the Nightlight collection

When the truth is’ Large ring, inspired by the Nightlight Collection

Contemplation’ Medium cuff.

‘Contemplation’ Medium cuff inspiration from the title piece of the Contemplation Collection

‘The dark is rising’ Cufflinks

‘The dark is rising’ Cufflinks inspired by the Wonderment Collection


We are both fascinated by the power and subtleties of colour and at the outset this is what drew us together. However, we have been truly thrilled by the extent to which light has played its part in this joining of creativity. It is instrumental in each of our own practices – My subject is light in all its forms and seeing it transformed from the wall to Mirandas’ jewellery due to the natural luminescence of the aluminium is an additional joy. We both too love the discovery and the power of words – for me in the form of titles and for Miranda in her placing of a few chosen words inside her cuff bangles.


Our Backstory

Michael Peckitt

I first discovered Michael Peckitt jewellery over 15 years ago in a gallery that was exhibiting my paintings, as I have said I was drawn to the colour and admired the boldness, in particular on the bangle cuffs. I began wearing and enjoying Michaels’ pieces and soon they became the only jewellery I wore. When I got married in 2009 I gave each bridesmaid a piece – all 14 of them! In 2012 I learnt that Michael had died from cancer. Here was I, simply a lover of his work and I was flabbergasted, I felt a sense of loss on so many levels. Not knowing what I could do but compelled to do something, I emailed his daughter Miranda to express my condolences and offer any help, in terms of support or ideas in the continuing of the jewellery brand and family business. I continued to buy and wear Michael/Miranda Peckitt jewellery and it continued to be commented upon wherever and whenever I wore a piece.

Please note you enter at your own risk as with Kathryn’s paintings it can be addictive!

Please note you enter at your own risk as with Kathryn’s paintings it can be addictive!


Six years later I came across the original email I had sent to Miranda and so I sent it again, and the result – is this Wonderment Collection. Our common love of colour, light and our personal history has created a flurry of ideas and conversations, mistakes and now successes. We are hugely excited to be launching this new Wonderment collection and we’d like to invite you to discover the joy of wearing original art for yourselves. Lets leave ordinary behind.

The first 22 pieces from The Wonderment Jewellery Collection are available to buy.

To read more from Miranda on our colourful collaboration, Click here!


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