Kathryn commissioned acclaimed international sound artist Simon Whetham to compose a soundtrack for the ‘Lightyears’ exhibitions.

The haunting and absorbing score comprises variations of music in which Kathryn has found inspiration, with field recordings from Iceland, NASA transmissions and recordings of the electro-magnetism surrounding the aurora borealis. Kathryn says: “Simon recorded the sounds of me painting in the studio and has layered all of these elements into the 30 minute soundtrack – which you’ll hear playing on repeat at every Kathryn Thomas exhibition. This means we have heard it hundreds of times and we still love it!”

Originally performed at Kathryn Thomas Lightyears 2009 in the Darkspace as 7.1 surround sound, the music is now available on cd from ITunes.

The soundtrack inspired sound artists worldwide to respond with reconstructions of ‘Lightyears’ using images of Kathryn’s paintings for the CD. An excerpt of the soundtrack ‘Lightyears’ can be heard by clicking the arrow below and the full version is available on Spotify.”