The Paint

“Michael Harding makes the finest oil paint in the world. His Handmade Artists Quality Oil Colours contain no fillers or extenders and are a joy to paint with. As a new graduate in my first studio and struggling with student quality oil paint an artist friend introduced me to this wonderful world of pure colour.

I was able to develop my technique and to paint my ideas and my paintings began to live and breathe.

Michael promises his paint will have a profound effect on your work and for me it has, it enables me to create what I do and be who I am”

“Kathryn is a very talented artist. It is my ultimate goal, as an oil paint manufacturer, to see great people do great things with my paint.”

The Stretcher

For as long as I have been a professional artist I have used John Jones.
As a reflection of our times they sadly closed the business in the summer of 2019.

“The stretcher bars I use are hand-crafted using kiln dried tulipwood sourced from sustainable forestry and made in John Jones London workshop. Tulipwood is a low-emission hardwood with very few knots. It is durable and strong, having a low tendency to split when nailed and is resistant to warping.

I use the large section profile with a 3/4” top beading added to the traditionally wedged stretcher. This helps to create a simple box like quality to the stretcher and helps the painting to become a window on your wall.

The painting surface is Berge linen, imported from Belgium and the finest quality you can paint on. With an acrylic primer on this linen (which seals the surface) the oil paint will simply glide on. When you look at the painting you won’t be distracted by the canvas weave, allowing the painting to almost hover in front of you.”

The Packaging

“The Stiffy bag has made the life of any artist who has discovered them simpler.

The bag is made from a durable metallic foil bubble wrap material with a strong plastic lining which prevents snagging. It is strong, light and fire resistant offering a high level of product protection. Adhesive tape can be used to seal the bags and simply removed without tearing the foil backing making it reusable.

Your bags can be made to measure and delivered to your door.”