Kathryn is no astronomer; neither does she profess to be a photographer. Nevertheless, each of the paintings in her ‘Wonderment’ collection might carry the subtext, ‘This is not a photograph’ such is the realism displayed in her portrayal of galaxies, planets and the northern lights. This is not an entirely new venture for her as it was her Nightlight paintings which first displayed her fascination with space. But ‘Wonderment’ shows significant development in her technique and understanding of celestial bodies whilst also borrowing elements of her ‘Kaleidoscopic’ and ‘Contemplation’ painting collections.


What is new however is that ‘Wonderment’ will not be launched as a complete collection but will be released as each piece is completed. Call back to this page on a regular basis to see the new additions. Better still, sign up to Kathryn’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts to receive immediate notification of the birth of a new star!