The Studio

Kathryn’s Studio sits close to the Quay in Poole, Dorset.  It consists of four rooms suitable for displaying artwork including the Dirty Studio where her paintings begin life and the Clean Studio, a tranquil and dedicated exhibition environment. The Studio has the benefit of differing directional light so paintings can be viewed under a variety of lighting conditions.


This is a selection of comments made by visitors:


“A blaze of colours in pictures to capture your imagination”


“Evocative, thought-provoking and beautiful”


“The bliss of mystery identified”


“Makes me feel so alive”


“All the weather in one”


“Uplifting – a feast for the eyes”


The Studio is principally a place for the creation of paintings rather than a permanent gallery with regular opening hours.  Nevertheless, a wide selection of her paintings adorn the walls at all times for private viewings.  Appointments can be made whenever it is mutually convenient to do so.  Contact us on 07966 506841 or to arrange.