The Community

The Kathryn Thomas Community was launched early in 2010 as a means of acknowledging and thanking those who have purchased at least two Kathryn Thomas original oil paintings at full value.


We hope to provide members with a forum for social gathering and discussion and therein lies our determination to challenge the aloofness and austerity often associated with artists and their world; to make it fun, approachable and accessible.


Kathryn says: “For the first 20 or so years of my career, my work was sold through art galleries.  Because it is unusual for gallery owners to provide the names of buyers to the artists they represent, many people have my paintings hanging on their walls of whom I have no knowledge.  I would love to know who they are to be able to keep them informed of exhibitions and in particular to be able to welcome them to the Community if they have two or more pieces.”


If you believe that you meet the criteria for Community membership, we would love to hear from you. Complete the form, hit ‘Send’ and we will be in touch.